5-Day Vegan Subscription Meal (15 all vegan set meals for 5 days)

by Tomatoes Red Vegan Cafe
  • Vegan
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Tortilla SoupPotato Pancakes withRed RiceRed RiceRed Rice
French ToastTofu ScrambleSotanghon GuisadoMinestrone SoupSiomai
Green SaladWheat BreadStit Fry Veggies
w/Asian Dressing
Red RiceRed RiceRed RiceTomato Chickpea PastaViet Pho Noodle Soup
Kare-kare w/BagoongBopisVegetable CurryWheat Bread
Potato SoupLentil Soup
Red RIceRice Stuffed TomatoesBaked Macaroni & "Cheese"Red RiceRed Rice
Eggplant, Tofu andCamote Tops in Miso w/ Potato SoupAmpalaya GuisadoMixed Beans w/Bokchoy
Mushroom DengakuRoasted Eggplant,Tomato SoupFried Tofu Adobo Cubes
Carrot SoupMushroom and Tofu

Detox Juice -Detox Juice -Detox Juice -Detox Juice -Detox Juice -
DINNERGny's DragonfruitGny's DragonfruitGny's DragonfruitGny's Dragonfruitgny's Dragonfruit
Juice EnzymesJuice EnzymesJuice EnzymesJuice EnzymesJuice Enzymes
1 hr after meal or1 hr after meal or1 hr after meal or1 hr after meal or1 hr after meal or
before sleepingbefore sleepingbefore sleepingbefore sleepingbefore sleeping

* This is subject to change depending on availability of ingredients.
**Delivery Areas: Muntinlupa, Paranaque, Las Pinas, Makati and Taguig. Deliveries are done a day before. For 5-day subscription, we deliver the meals on afternoons of Sunday and Wednesday.
***Customization are done upon request with minimum fee of Php250.00 for major changes.