Delivery Policy

There are two ways of receiving your made to order home cooked dishes on the platform. You may choose between the available options specified by our Kitchen Merchants: 

Pick-up locations

  • Kitchen Merchants may indicate a specific pick-up location on the date of fulfilment of the dish.
  • Pick-ups are completely free of charge


  • Check Delivery Coverage available for the dish that you want to order.
  • Deliveries are either Personal Delivery by the Kitchen Merchant or by our Good Meal Hunting logistics partner.
  • Personal Deliveries by the Kitchen Merchant are free of charge.
  • GMH Delivery are solely done with accredited Logistics partners. A standard Delivery fee of Php100.00 within the serviceable areas billed to the customer.
  • Free delivery within a certain areas depending on the kitchen merchants or during an ongoing promo.


Each kitchen on the platform is run by an independent kitchen merchant. Delivery fees will apply on a per kitchen basis. It is highly recommended to order from one kitchen at a time.

Customers have the option of choosing between the available shipping options per dish.